Bagillt Community Garden

Bagillt Community Garden has been developed on an old industrial site situated near to Bagillt Railway Station. The land was purchased from United Utilities for £1 and comprises of previously grazed saltings, which is an SSI site, and the raised land which is adjacent to the Railway station and Railway line. Part of this land previously contained a Water treatment works and before that, a copper works. This area of the site is currently fenced and a community garden is in constant development within the fenced area.

2 thoughts on “Bagillt Community Garden

  1. Kay Roberts Reply

    Good Morning

    Would it be possible for Hannah Blythyn MS, to visit the community garden on 11 August at 1pm, she will be in the area and she is keen to come and see the work which is going on there. If someone could confirm as soon as practically possible, this would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Best wishes,

    Kay Roberts
    Constituency Assistant / Cynorthwydd Etholaethol
    Hannah Blythyn MS / AS

    1. Admin Reply

      Hello Kay,
      This message would probably have been better placed as an email rather than a blog post but hopefully it worked out ok for the meeting anyway!

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