Laxey Visit

This wheel, originally designed to use at Snaefell and taken to Cornwall and last seen in bits (see previous post) in 2005. Known now as the Lady Evelyn and previously known as the Gawns wheel, this has been restored by the Laxey and Lonan Heritage Trust. Members of Bagillt Heritage Society went to Laxey to see the wheel on 28th July 2012 and were given a warm welcome, see the attached photographs.


2 thoughts on “Laxey Visit

  1. Rupert Hatton Reply

    mywife and myself where in Laxey last week our accent was heard and what a find ,to see and
    learn the story made our trip all the better ,[MAIR and RUPERT RHYL .

  2. Bagillt Heritage Society Reply

    Keep an eye on this story as there may be more developments soon – More to follow in September!

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