The project to restore and enhance the War Memorial and the immediate site around it was first discussed in 2004. This followed a previous incident of vandalism where the gun on the statue was destroyed. A lengthy process had followed this incident where eventually a replacement gun was donated by a foreign businessman and was fitted to replace the original.

The Bagillt Heritage Society agreed to raise funds for the first phase of a restoration project that would address the more immediate concerns on the site. There was some discussion over the re-siting of the second world war names but after discussion with various parties it was felt that this would not be in the scope of this first phase of the work.

The main concerns were the safety and security of the site and the maintenance of the statue and surrounding stonework. It was agreed that following the earlier vandalism, it was essential that the site should be well lit and that in the interests of safety, damaged pavers should be replaced and the pavers made more secure. In addition the stonework in the surrounding area needs to be cleaned and damage to the statue and the plinth should be addressed.

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