Work on the site recommenced 31st October 2007 and is shown in this sequence of photographs showing Blackwell's Stonecraft of Llong re-assembling the memorial on the new plinth.

The war memorial base and plinth are now replaced with marble. Marble is a metamorphosed carbonate rock, usually limestone, composed mostly of calcite but sometimes there may be impurities resulting in the spectacular banding that can be seen. Limestone is a sedimentary rock originally deposited under the sea and formed by sea-bed sediments and shells of marine creatures compacting over thousands of years to form a solid rock. The Limestone has been subjected to enormous temperatures and pressures has been recrystalised to form an extremely hard stone that can be polished for decorative use. The pure white marble used here is from the Carrara quarry in Italy, which along with Bagillt, also supplied Michelangelo for his work.