Work started on the project on 9th December 2006 in foul weather. The initial work on the site involved providing a concrete collar around the paving that is to be relayed. Here you can see the progress up to that point. Soon after this, the officers of the Society re-applied for a grant and were eventually successful in getting one to replace the current pillars on the statue with a new one made of marble. In addition, gates for the front of the site are to be erected. The Society already has funds for the safety lighting that is to be installed on the site, the wiring for this has already been installed. It is expected that work will re-commence in mid October and should be finished by early November 2007.

Following the publicity surrounding the abortive grant assistance for this project, various parties contacted The Bagillt Heritage Society and the Flintshire Community Trust once again agreed to consider a grant towards the work from their next years allocation. The project was re-scoped and now was to provide safety lighting, a new plinth for the monument and gates at the front of the site. Eventually all elements of the scheme were underway.